Installation, Repair, and Maintenance from the Electronics Experts

Silvercomm have worked hard in our industry to stay at the forefront of communications technology for over 40 years. We have worked with nearly all common and specialist electronic equipment, and our technical staff have the experience and the facilities available to adapt to whatever task is put in front of them.

In-vehicle electronics to suit your business needs

We are especially experienced when it comes to installing and maintaining in-vehicle electronics, such as two-way radios, touchscreen cabin computers, PDA cradles, cameras, and any other devices. As contracted service providers to Silver Top Taxis since 2001 and several other taxi fleets besides, Silvercomm have the pedigree to prove our leadership in this field.

We are also authorised Australian suppliers of globally leading brands, such as OPSI Systems’ range of route optimisation and fleet planning software and Sunit’s range of ruggedized in-vehicle computers. Our partnerships with these top brands reflects our long history and reputation in the industry, and having your vehicle electronics installed by Silvercomm is a great opportunity to incorporate their products into your fitout.

Electrical expertise allows for the perfectly tailored solution

With the depth of expertise and incredible tools available to the Silvercomm team, we are able to go to extra lengths to find the perfect electronics solution for our clients’ problems. Our technicians are qualified to perform a wide range of technical repairs and service on radios and communications devices, as well as other electronic equipment. With access to our dedicated research facilities, featuring sophisticated testing and measuring equipment, technical manuals, and device programming software, we have made a signature service out of crafting customised electronics for radio systems and networks.
If your network or radio system requires some form of specialised equipment solution and you are able to specify your needs to our designers and engineers, get in touch with the Silvercomm team by calling (03) 9403 2603.