Taxi Specialists and Vehicle Electronics Pioneers

The business of outfitting and maintaining in-vehicle electronics has been a foundation of the radio and communications services offered by Silvercomm since its inception. In recent years, the servicing of taxis in particular has come to define the company; since 2001 Silvercomm has, as a part of the Gange Group of companies, been the contracted service provider for the prominent Silver Top Taxi fleet. This deal was so significant that it inspired the change of our company’s name from the historic Victorian Communications to our current incarnation as Silvercomm.
The reason that Gange Group was so eager to acquire Silvercomm’s services is simple: we are the very best in Australia at what we do. Whether installing two-way radio systems, EFTPOS machines, radio-based or internet-based GPS, or in-cabin computers, our technicians offer fast, reliable, efficient service. We use only top brands in our work to ensure consistency, and have outstanding status as authorised suppliers for some of the most acclaimed in-vehicle electronics vendors in the world.

The most professional taxi outfitting available in Australia

Silvercomm offer any taxi fleet a fast, full-featured fit-out service. Your business can join Silver Top Taxis and other leading local companies in harnessing our four decades of experience and innovation in the field of vehicle electronics. We understand how vital it is in the taxi industry to minimise the downtime on each vehicle, so we present customers with a truly refined and efficient service which gets vehicles back on the road as soon as possible. Our purpose-built Clifton Hill facility is home to a specialised team of taxi technicians and installers, providing the best service for in-vehicle equipment in the state.

Bring your taxi fleet into the modern age

If you think your business could benefit by having its taxis – or other vehicles – outfitted with radio, GPS, computing or other electronic equipment, speak with the team at Silvercomm today. Call us on (03) 9403 2600.