Offering Hosting and Other Communication Site Services to Melbourne Organisations

As Victoria’s longstanding experts in radio and other communications technology, Silvercomm has all the equipment and expertise necessary to provide site services to various 3rd party networks. We own and operate an extensive range of tower sites across Greater Melbourne providing a huge and well-filled area of coverage overlapping Victoria’s population centres. We are extremely flexible in the services we offer, with both dedicated and share base sites being made available for use.

Some of our site services include:

Commercial Radio:

Silvercomm is able to provide repeater services for both analogue and digital commercial radio. Any of our sites around Melbourne or surrounding areas can be made available for this use, either dedicated or share base. Silvercomm can supply repeater equipment to meet your specification or alternatively customers can provide their own equipment.


Another service for which Silvercomm can provide hosting is microwave communications. Silvercomm is able to provide hosting of microwave service at our sites. This is dependent on the available tower space at each individual site.


Silvercomm offer local and wide area paging systems the chance to use our sites to extend their network; we are fully prepared to accommodate this sort of service.

Government Networks:

With our extensive network of Victorian towers and deep knowledge of the industry, Silvercomm have been proud to host multiple government, public service, and emergency services networks at our sites. We are able to offer secure and reliable service to these important networks through both analogue and digital systems, trunked and conventional, and on both a local site basis and in wide area network configuration.


Silvercomm offer a complete range of SCADA (Site Control and Data Acquisition) services and networks at all of our sites. This allows the organisations who are using our hosting services to control and monitor their networks remotely.

The ultimate site services professionals

If you want to gain a larger footprint for your network in Victoria, or take advantage of our expert service, then call Silvercomm on (03) 9403 2603.