Technical Services

Silvercomm have worked hard in our industry to stay at the forefront of communications technology for over 40 years. We have worked with nearly all common and specialist electronic equipment, and our technical staff have the experience and the facilities available to adapt to whatever task is put in front of them.

Taxi Services

The business of outfitting and maintaining in-vehicle electronics has been a foundation of the radio and communications services offered by Silvercomm since its inception. In recent years, the servicing of taxis in particular has come to define the company; since 2001 Silvercomm has, as a part of the Gange Group of companies, been the contracted service provider for the prominent Silver Top Taxi fleet.

Site Services

As Victoria’s longstanding experts in radio and other communications technology, Silvercomm has all the equipment and expertise necessary to provide site services to various 3rd party networks. We own and operate an extensive range of tower sites across Greater Melbourne providing a huge and well-filled area of coverage overlapping Victoria’s population centres.