Delivering Melbourne’s Most Effective Communications Services for 40 Years

The undisputed masters of radio and communications systems in Melbourne, Silvercomm is among the state’s most respected and established brands. Specialising in mobile data systems and radio communications, the company has constantly moved and evolved with the times to stay at the forefront of current technology and maintain our spot as the preferred service providers across the state.

Silvercomm has helped to establish communications systems for paramedics and emergency services, medical couriers, major telcos, taxicabs, and law enforcement. In situations like these our systems must be ultra-reliable and easy to use. Fortunately, decades of experience and development have left us supremely confident in our products and service. When you decide to turn to Silvercomm for your company’s communication needs, you know that the job will be done right and maintenance provided for years.

Bringing communications expertise to modern technology

Silvercomm now have all the technical and production expertise we need to dominate the current communications market. GPS tracking of vehicles, whether through radio or internet-based, is a specialty of ours, and a favourite of our clients in government and public service. We are also constantly conducting research and testing to prepare each new wave of communications service for the market. Currently we are very excited about the potential of digital radio to carry all sorts of valuable information, and are upgrading our own trunked network and other services to suit that technology.

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In a specialised and demanding industry, only Silvercomm has the history, infrastructure, and personnel to guarantee peak performance. We are the innovators and problem-solvers in our field.





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With over four decades of experience working at the forefront of two-way radio and communications technology, Silvercomm are Victoria’s most respected experts in the field. Our portfolio of prime radio tower sites support countless networks for councils and businesses across Melbourne.

Since aligning with Silver Top Taxi in the early 2000’s, we have acquired the skills and facilities to provide the southern hemisphere’s most comprehensive taxi fitout service. Speak with Silvercomm about our site services, taxi services, or custom technical solutions today.

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